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5th September 2005 00:04:26 GMT
Blog Entry for 5 September 2005 00:04:26 GMT
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
Users can now comment on blog entries.  A special thread is automatically created whenever a blog entry is made, with the blog text as that thread's first post.  All the threads reside in a forum entitled "Blog Entries".

The number of comments made is displayed beneath each blog entry.  This works by subtracting one from the number of posts which belong to that particular thread.

Also, the two are (hopefully) linked: editing the blog entry or the thread's first post will update the other, and deleting the thread or the blog entry will delete the other.

Finally, users cannot add threads to the blog entries' forum.  I should probably add a way lock forums / threads from further additions by users.
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