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29th October 2006 19:14:00 GMT
No improvement
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6th December 2004 17:06:06 GMT
Just replacement.  Cookies definitely work!
8th November 2006 00:18:44 GMT
No improvement
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24th November 2004 22:22:29 GMT
No improvement?!??!?!??!1

The code-behind is approximately 2,398,572% better, and the forums have a more logical structure so I could incorporate the blogs / guestbook into them.

And the whole site is XHTML 1.1 compliant, instead of most of the site being XHTML 1.0 compliant.

And the font is slightly smaller so it feels less imposing.  And the JavaScript menu is gone because I rather like the menu on the left.

To compare this site with the previous version please visit:
"Prepare for an oblivion for which there is no preparation." - O'Malley (Red Vs Blue)

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